Seehofer: no appeal for second vote for fdp

Seehofer: no appeal for second vote for fdp

Despite everything, the goal remains the continuation of the black-yellow coalition in berlin. The FDP also has "huge electoral potential" in bavaria. By sunday, the CSU wants to attack the greens in particular.

In the state elections on sunday, the CSU won an absolute majority of seats with 47.7 percent of the vote, while the FDP was thrown out of the state parliament with 3.3 percent. The SPD won 20.6 percent, the greens 8.6 percent, the free voters 9.0 percent. After five years in coalition with the FDP, the CSU can now govern alone again.

CSU does not want a rough coalition
Speculation about a grand coalition between the union and the SPD in the federal government meets with rejection in the CSU. Black-yellow remains the coalition of choice, emphasized federal agriculture minister ilse aigner. The CSU's upper bavarian district leader, who helped the christian socialists achieve above-average growth in their home state on sunday, will give up her berlin cabinet post to take on a more prominent post in munich.

SPD top candidate christian ude sees the election result as a solid basis for his party's successful performance in next sunday's federal election. The bavarian SPD wanted to make a contribution to social democratic success at the federal level, said ude in berlin. "It has turned out modestly, that's true", he admitted. But the wait-and-see trend has stopped.

FDP presidium member wolfgang kubicki criticized his party's bavarian state association the day after the debacle. Failure to sell own content properly: "this is probably a question of type." The bavarian FDP member of parliament erwin lotter demanded in the "bild" newspaper-newspaper (tuesday) the resignation of state leader sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger, who is also federal justice minister. However, the bavarian FDP does not want to discuss personnel consequences until after the federal elections. "We will discuss what is necessary once both elections have been contested," he said, said top candidate martin zeil on monday.

Aiwanger defends himself against criticism
Hubert Aiwanger defends his course of going into the state elections without a coalition statement against criticism. "It was right not to lean out of the window." Aiwanger had not committed himself to the CSU or red-green as his preferred partner, hoping to assume the role of kingmaker.

After the state elections in bavaria, the government must now be formed and the CSU faction leadership must be replaced. Seehofer has postponed all decisions until next week to avoid unrest in the party. Within the CSU, he knows that all those who take part in personnel speculation have to reckon with his wrath.

Bavarian DGB chairman matthias jena said of the election results: "the FDP is gone, and now we are counting on horst seehofer to strengthen the social S in the CSU." The association of bavarian business was confident that the new state government will tackle urgent projects quickly. "With this result, the CSU can powerfully represent bavarian interests in berlin as well", said chief executive bertram brossardt.

For the five referendums that will also be put to the vote on sunday, in addition to the state and district elections, an overwhelmingly high acceptance rate is emerging. After around one-sixth of the votes had been counted, approval of the individual questions ranged from just under 85 to a good 92 percent. The turnout was just under 64 percent. The first results of the seven district elections should not be available before monday evening.


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