Sollenberg huffs and puffs

With the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony at the site where the central village square will later be built, grafenberg’s mayor werner wolf () gave the starting signal for village renewal in the grafenberg districts of lilling, sollberg and lillingerhohe.

It is now 25 years since grafenberg applied to be included in the village renewal program. It has been another ten years since a basic seminar was held in klosterlangheim. The fact that not much has happened since then is certainly not due to a lack of will. The truth was allowed to come closer, that the city of grafenberg could not raise the necessary own share. The city coffers were and are too tight.

EU, federal and state governments push ahead

many committed residents have nevertheless not allowed themselves to be put off by these changes. Undeterred, they have sat down in working groups with experts from the office for rural development (ALE) and private planning offices and developed the goals of the village renewal.

Thanks to this effort, the procedure was formally initiated in 2010 after all. Only now was it possible for the participants’ association (TG) of lilling-sollenberg to become active together with the city. Together we succeeded in securing the financing and developing the preliminary planning to the implementation stage. With a total package of 840,000 euros, up to 65 percent of the costs are claimed by the EU, the federal government and the free state of bavaria. The city of grafenberg has to bear the remaining costs.

The first phase of the project is the square and street design in sollenberg. The cost of the campaign is estimated at 220,000 euros. However, the city can pass on part of its own contribution to the residents via the trench extension statute.

According to TG chairman michael ullwer, after the laying of water and power lines, the local connection road, which is called by the locals and leads up from the fire station, will be extended.

This also applies to the old village road. This gets one-sided a verlangerte support wall from coarse stone
quads. On the other hand, according to the plans, a lot of accompanying ground is to be laid out. The central village square in front of the former waaghauschen will be landscaped with grassy areas and smaller asphalt surfaces.

Enough money?

In addition, it will later be given a gravel surface covered by a pergola for petanque players, and its many bushes and trees will give it a scenic look. The people of sollberg will go through with their village renewal, even if it is divided into several construction phases.

All this will happen – if the city of grafenberg doesn’t run out of money after all.
On the other hand, the village renewal in lilling could soon get underway. At least this is what was heard at the groundbreaking ceremony in sollenberg.


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