Special prize for “house of the peasant woman

The people of rottershausen have shown that they stick together. For this there was now a price. Anette vom berg-erbar won the special prize of the bavarian farmers' association in the competition "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful" handed over to rottershausen at district level. During the tour through rottershausen, the community and the cohesion of the generations were clearly noticeable. In the village, young and old approach each other, and living together is characterized by mutual respect and trust.
The sustainable handling of foodstuffs has always been very important to the women farmers of the bavarian farmers' association. They are involved in a wide variety of activities to promote dialogue between producers and consumers. During the tour of rottershausen, the committee was treated to french plootz and tarte flambee at the farmer's house. The diversity of the village community was particularly evident here in this community center. That's why the bavarian farmers' association's special prize of 250 euros was awarded for the preservation and further development of the "farmer"s house" awarded in rottershausen.

Fruit press and oven

Here also a possibility was created for all burgers to use their self-produced fruit sensibly and completely themselves. This creates the incentive to put fruit trees back in the garden as well. But not only the fruit press, but also the coarse oven and the slaughter room round off the great offer in this community center. Here, families can take responsibility for themselves and maintain a large degree of regionalism and autonomy through their own efforts. Ms. Vom berg-erbar wanted as many people as possible to continue to use the services offered at the community center. 


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