Sunday in kulmbach: off to the car wash

Sunday in kulmbach: off to the car wash

Hans-dieter herold (the grunen) sketched out a scenario of what sunday afternoons in kulmbach will look like in the future. "I imagine a family from kulmbach. You sit together at lunch, there will be something good to eat. And at one o'clock or half past one, they set off – together with grandma and grandpa – to the washing plant. Some burst inside, others scrub out. We should let it melt in our mouths what we will experience in the future. Car washing on a sunday afternoon – that has the character of an event", he said and said: "i personally have nothing against it, but our society would benefit from a day of rest."

Not banned in mainleus

This was also the view of hans werther (SPD), who rejected car washing on sundays and spoke of a further attack on the protection of sundays. "In the meantime, however, people's habits have changed", said thomas nagel (FPD). It is about equal treatment. Because in neighboring communities like mainleus, sunday washing was not forbidden.

"It's your own fault if you wash your car on a sunday afternoon", mayor henry schramm said and loved to vote. Only four SPD councillors were against it. That is, in the future it will be allowed on sunday from 12 to 20 o'clock to wash the car.


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