The tufter makes old clocks work

The tufter makes old clocks work

They have been lying dormant on the church floor since the renovation of the church 20 years ago. Now oskar bohm has taken care of them. Until the village anniversary this summer, the tuftler would like to restore the two historical chronometers to the point where they can be exhibited.
The goal is ambitious, especially the repair of the movement from 1793 could be a rough challenge. Already quite rusty, its origin is unknown. However, invoices in old municipal records at least show that in that year a few kreuzer were paid for baumol to lubricate the clock movement. Another invoice shows that andreas katzenberger from engenthal received 16 kreuzer for a repair.
Former local speaker and city councilor oskar bohm also found a working clock from that time during a visit to a cathedral in southern england. The unscrewed and only with wedges connected movement, which did its service until the beginning of 1900, bohm wants to restore again and to present at the festival at church tours.
In much better condition is the clock house with interior from the year 1937. Due to damage, it was replaced two decades ago by an electronic system – also because no more spare parts could be obtained.

Unimog brake cable used
The timepiece was produced 75 years ago by the company J. F. Weul made in bockenem. Oskar bohm, as a former head of the apprentice workshop of the german army very technically versed, has already rebuilt it. He replaced the striking mechanism, which ran over rope pulleys, with a unimog brake rope and the broken spring of the clock's perpendicular with a feeler gauge tape. "Then i adjusted it with a stopwatch. It could be put back into operation today", bohm proudly declares.
Still church caretaker hans-werner schedel, who had taken over the repairs and the care of this striking mechanism on behalf of the city, advised against it, however. Because he still had to wind the long-serving church clock by hand with a crank, which proved to be quite strenuous in the long run.
However, the people of pfaffenhausen are unanimous about the further use of the historical relics. In their opinion, they belong in the "herrenmuhle" town museum, when the anniversary is over. Negotiations with the city are already underway.



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