There was no towel war: our readers describe their vacation impressions

After the vacation directly into the quarantane – so it happened to our reader thomas bickel. He spent this year’s summer vacation with his wife on the canary islands. The couple spent a few days on fuerteventura before ending their trip on lanzarote – and did so in a very relaxed way. "They feel they are alone on both islands at the moment", he was pleased just a week ago.

Only half of the hotels were open – and only about 50 percent of them were occupied, said bickel, who thought he was in a lonely finca because of the peace and quiet. "If you are looking for peace, there is no better time than now." But the rude awakening came shortly before departure: after the spanish mainland and the balearic islands had already been declared a risk area, the foreign office followed suit at the end of last week and since then has also been warning against travel to the canaries. Thomas bickel and his wife were surprised by this development, having always felt safe during their vacation. "With regard to the wearing of masks, everyone here is very exemplary and the hygiene inspections are being adhered to in a super way", he reported shortly before.

But it’s no use: thomas bickel reported briefly from the airport in lanzarote on friday. "We are expected to land in frankfurt am main at 4 p.M. After that we go straight to the corona test and then home to the french homeland." And in quarantine for the time being. Until the result is known, every traveler returning from a risk area must stay at home (see below).

While in many vacation regions everything is done to keep the risk of corona infection as low as possible, elsewhere locals seem to be taking the pandemic lightly: our deputy editor-in-chief christian holhut spent the second half of august in corsica. "If the beautiful island at the beginning of the trip was still green colored on the french corona map, it is now deep red", he sums up worriedly.

Especially in the south of germany, which is popular with tourists, what christian holhut had to experience on vacation was soon revenged: "starting with protective measures before entering the rides, which consisted of a fever measurement on the wrist and the non-observance of the covid self-declaration, through maskless bartenders to the basic realization that real mask discipline was most likely to be found among german tourists." The latter had been in the minority this year – french markings emblazoned the strabs.

Disinfectant stand does not replace discipline

Our deputy editor-in-chief enjoyed his vacation away from the crowds in the alleys of tourist hotspots like bonifacio and porto vecchio on this year’s darker beaches and in the refreshing pools of the mountain rivers. "Disinfectants everywhere are no substitute for the "AHA rule", unfortunately still a certain discipline, not even in the open air with constant warm temperatures and light breezes."

However, unsuspecting behavior in terms of caution and hygiene regulations was rather the exception, as our readers report. Michael schwammlein was this year already for the third time in the same hotel in analipsi, a former fishing village on the north coast of crete. Random corona tests were already carried out on arrival at the airport, and then the vacation could begin. "In the airport and in the cab still mask obligation, in the hotel carry only the employees face protection."

The hotel staff had set up disinfectant stands and placed distance markers. "The food at the buffet is served by employees on the plate and also drinks are not "to tap yourself", describes the greece vacationer. Also with the couches at the pool value is put on distance. But that was no problem. "Many beds are free all day long." Whether the hotels will survive the corona crisis in the long run is questionable: "the cab driver on the way to the hotel said that many hotels were not open at all and that some of them will never open again."

Also in croatia no trace of queues or towel fights at the pool. "Neither overcrowded beaches nor stores. The attractions were also rather sparsely visited", reports nadja schumann, who spent two weeks in istria. Melly feulner was with her husband and three children already for the eighth time in rovinj and has never experienced her vacation destination so empty.

On a boat for the island tour, which usually seats up to 60 people, there were eleven of them this year – five of whom were from the organizer. "The operators really fight for every tourist." The waiters and staff in the shops almost all wore face protection "so really everything was top, even I as a confirmed croatia vacationer had not expected!" The situation was a little bit strange. But all in all, says melly feulner, the vacation was even more relaxed that way.

Stephanie hirt – who was in the austrian town of zell am see – can also take a positive view of the somewhat different summer vacation: "normally there are sheikhs swarming around the famous grand hotel, but due to the corona crisis we didn’t see a single one." During your stay there was no mask obligation, only conditionally in the lifts or where it was cramped. "But we have always worn masks and a few of them as well. In general, it was very quiet and pleasant." The conclusion of our readers: vacations in corona times work – if the caution does not melt away in the summer sun.

What to consider after the vacation

Anyone entering germany from a risk area must undergo a 14-day quarantine. In addition, a certificate must be presented upon entry stating that there are no indications of infection, writes the bavarian ministry of health and care.

Those who cannot do so must be tested. Test centers have been set up at the bavarian airports, at the major railroad stations in nurnberg and munich and on the freeways near the border. Until the results are available, every citizen must go to quarantine and report to the appropriate health office.

Who has a negative coronatest, the quarantane can also end before the end of the 14-day obligation. A second test after five to seven days is recommended, but not mandatory.

Anyone who has deliberately traveled to the risk area will not receive a loss of earnings.


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