This is how you can do anything

This is how you can do anything

Laughing, watching, trying things out for yourself – twelve-year-old adella sums it up like this: "you learn more here in a few hours than you do at school in a week." She and her friends of the same age explain why: "here you can move so much", says nicole, evgenia adds: "in school you have to sit still", and sabina is sure: "if you could move more in school, you would learn better." Here, that is in the circus tent of the children and youth circus luna (langendorf). It currently stands on the land behind the city music school. Inside and outside, circus director peter bethauser and his team have the full attention of a good 30 girls and boys from the kliegl middle school. Everyone is eager to learn, wants to join in on friday, 12. April. Then at 6 p.M. They presented the "history of circus" on. The whole story from 1807 until today", says bethauser.

Artists in fast forward
Public. In front of an audience. It takes artists. They are being "trained" at the moment in a fast pass. If everything works out – and it will – it will be a success for the participants. And success is good for you.
The unusual project came about as a result of cooperation between the circus, the kliegl middle school, its association, the city and its youth work, and the district office, which provided the space for the tent. "Teachers and principal harald botsch were totally open right away.", says bethauser. He spontaneously contacted the school after discovering that the federal ministry of education had launched a program under the motto "culture makes you strong" circus project e with children made possible. For over 15 years, his circus luna has been providing circus projects for children and young people on behalf of youth welfare offices, municipalities, schools and associations. The special thing about this school project: it goes directly to the social hotspot. "There are the houses where many of the children live", says bethauser, pointing to the former american settlement within sight. This circus project is the start. In the fall, the children will continue their training at school, and then for two more years with regular training sessions. Next week it's the turn of the sinnberg elementary school students.

Support from many
Bethauser got the challenge from berlin. And support on site: the city youth makes training possible in their hall, a kidro team helps with tent set-up and take-down, thomas heinrich, chairman of the kliegl-forderverein, takes care of the formalities.
The students spend just under a week preparing for their part in the big show. Several girls have chosen trapeze, elisa for example, because she "definitely wants to become an artist." Diana likes it "to be totally free in the trapeze." When she floats, she says: "i can do anything!" And the friends nod eagerly.

No one can be embarrassed
Others study balance acts with balls, ropes or diabolos. Thorben and nick are studying a joint routine that requires mutual assistance. Nick thinks it's "great that no one can make a fool of themselves here, even if they don't succeed right away." The "trainer" finds jean-pierre ehrenreich from team luna also. Denis and maxim have chosen diabolos and are becoming more and more skilled at juggling. Dennis has already participated in a circus project, for which it is a premiere. He suspects: "a little bit of limelight fever is sure to come on friday." But that is allowed before the performance.
The visibly good thing about this action is the enthusiastic children. What doesn't surprise peter bethauser: "we start with what they are all good at and use their urge to move." This joy of movement does not need ADHD pills, is not a disease. Energy is cleverly channeled in an educational way and is guaranteed to lead to a sense of achievement. Wanted. Later other children can also join in. Then it's an integration project. And maybe one day it will become a permanent institution, a city circus.
Principal botsch and his colleagues know that it is often difficult for teachers to give children a sense of achievement, especially those with a migration background. And so he and teachers elisabeth heilmann and rosi wagner watch very enthusiastically as their proteges come out of their shells in the circus tent. Discovering new, amazing sides and skills in them. An experience that could change everyday school life.

Claim money for "culture makes you strong

Demanded by the federal ministry of education be extracurricular educational measures, especially cultural education for children and young people and the educationally disadvantaged. Prerequisite is an "alliance for education, d.H. A local alliance of at least three players, and a concept.

The goal is to challenge cognitive skills, social learning, personal development, experiential knowledge, and everything else that promotes self-motivation, performance, and a strong sense of responsibility. The term "culture" is used here in a broad sense, as cultural education encompasses all artistic disciplines as well as media education and everyday culture. Cultural education combines cognitive, emotional and creative action processes and includes one's own creative engagement with the arts and the active reception of art and culture. Intercultural education is also an essential part of cultural education.


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