Three baby storks in hochstadt did not survive the heavy rainfall

Three baby storks in hochstadt did not survive the heavy rainfall

Only recently, edmund lenz, the stork father of hochstadt, reported that four of the five young storks in the nest on the old town hall in hochstadt did not survive. Lenz suspects that the stork babies had an infection.

The heavy rain of the past few days has now cost the lives of three more young storks. The second nest on the old town hall fell down with its brood. Yesterday the stork parents were sitting on the roof, chattering and looking down at the heap of aste.

A neighbor observed the whole thing and alerted him immediately, says lenz. He immediately went to the construction yard, saw the drama and took away the three dead young storks.

They hatched about three and a half weeks ago. About five more weeks and the little ones had flown away. Their stork parents had built the nest for the first time and very daringly on a ledge right next to the other nest on the top of the tower. It was very shaky. "But if it hadn’t rained so hard, it had probably held", so lenz.

He watched the new nest. "Since we were aware that the nest could fall down, we secured the area below with construction fences." Trimming the wobbly nest was not advisable, says lenz. Human intervention would have made the risk of the stork’s parents abandoning their brood rough. After the death of the many baby storks at the old town hall, lenz and many residents of hochstadt now hope that at least the remaining young stork in the tower nest will survive.


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