Van rompuy warns against populism in europe

Van rompuy warns against populism in europe

Mistrust of europe is also growing. This can only be countered with concrete political measures. "Growth must come back, jobs must be created."No country can achieve this alone.

Since 2010, every year on 9. November a top european politician comes to the german capital for a "europe speech. It commemorates the fall of the wall in 1989, which also ended the division of europe.

Van rompuy criticized buzzwords such as "poverty tourism" and "social dumping. Even if abuse must be fought: in the end, there is not too much, but too little mobility within the EU, where, despite high unemployment, millions of jobs are unfilled. Until now, less than three percent of EU citizens lived in another member state. These paid significantly more in taxes overall than they received in social benefits.

In response to criticism of, for example, the immigration of romans and bulgarians, van rompuy said that freedom of movement in europe is a "sign of civilization". With regard to illegal immigration from outside europe, however, he defended the EU’s restrictive policy. To prevent disasters like the one off lampedusa, the causes in the countries of origin and transit also had to be tackled.

However, the proportions also needed to be clarified: in any given year, there are no more than 300,000 asylum applications in EU countries, three-quarters of them in just five countries: germany, france, sweden, the uk and belgium. A total of 40,000 refugees from syria in the eu compared with two million syrians who had sought refuge in jordan, lebanon and turkey.

Van rompuy called for a deepening of european integration and also more joint responsibility in eagle and security policy. "The europe after the wall is still under construction," he said. The EU is not only a neutral space, but must also become a "home" for its burghers.


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