Vdk local association in sambach pleased with increase in number of members

How close the vdk is to the people was shown by the report of the local association chairman karl neudecker at the members' meeting. So we had 34 "caregivers", so visits to members on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries, but also in case of illness in the area of the local association took place.
A large part of the work lay on the shoulders of klara neudecker, the wife of the chairman, who does valuable work as a supervisor. At christmas, all members over 75 years of age were visited and presented with a gift.
During the period under review, the number of members rose again, reported neudecker, who has led the local association for 38 years. The number of members was reduced by three deaths, but seven new members were also gained. As a result, the local association sambach currently pays 100 members. The "help heal wounds" collection, to which the entire board of management was on the way, had produced a good result.

Burgermeister says thank you

Mayor hans beck (WBS) gave the ruhr local association high praise for its valuable work for the good of the people. Andreas hofmann, who has been a member of the board for ten years, was honored by the chairman and the deputy chairman of the district council, volker ehrenberg, for his commitment.
The vdk social association plays a "unifying role" for local people, according to vice-chairman ehrenberg. A community of solidarity had been formed, which was not called the "vdk family" for nothing is referred to as. In the first nine months of 2017, the vdk provided 280,000 social legal consultations for its members. There have been 53,500 applications for social benefits, about 19,000 appeals against official letters and nearly 5,500 lawsuits.
For the members, more than 30 million euros in back payments could be recovered during this period. That the social association is "combative and active getting involved in politics is very important.
In the upcoming state elections, the vdk will therefore "put the candidates to the test" on the key issues of social inequality, pensions, health and care. 

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