Very fast on the road, but missed the race target

Very fast on the road, but missed the race target

At the long distance race within the framework of the freddy-kottulinsky-revival on the race track at the schleizer triangle also matthias baier and werner sobna were at the start. At this event in memory of the paris dakar winner of 1980, motorcyclists and car drivers competed against each other in the various classes and races.
In the morning the two-wheelers raced over the asphalt, in the afternoon the car races took place. The drivers were each able to prepare for the track in 20-minute practice runs before the race got serious. At first, races were held in four performance classes, before the drivers of all classes started together in the long time race. This resulted in a dense starting field of over 50 vehicles. This race was driven by two drivers over 90 minutes. Each team could decide for itself how long each driver would stay on the track and when he would come into the pits for refueling and a changeover.
So first matthias baier went to the start and drove a 25-minute-turn. After this he came to the box and made room for werner sobna, who printed for 40 minutes on the tube. After another pit stop, baier took the wheel once again to improve the result in the last 15 minutes of the race.

Overtaking made difficult

The aim of the competition was to complete as many laps as possible in the same time. Penalty points were given for every second of deviation. However, since the riders of all classes were at the start at the same time, this was not so easy. Time and again, slower vehicles that could not be overtaken immediately blocked the way – and the lap was slower than the previous one. So baier and sobna in the 3-series BMW in the A class did not end up at the front, but managed the best lap times, although there were cars with more horsepower in the field. Baier even managed the fastest lap of the day.
The following day, there were two races without a classification on the program. Here, matthias baier (run 1) and werner sobna (run 2) could once again really step on the gas and have their spab. The next qualifying race is in hockenheim for baier, who starts in race series A.


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