“What does god want and expect from me?”

After an extensive program of services and church music from palm sunday to good friday, the hochstadt parish church filled up on saturday evening for the easter night celebration, the undisputed high point of the church year.
Although the musicians of the brass ensemble bavarian brass were missing this year, this did not detract from the festivities. The newly consecrated organ of st. Georg once again proved to be the "queen of instruments" and as an expression of a whole orchestra.

Light and darkness

The symbolism of light and darkness was celebrated with the easter fire in front of the church, the lighting of the easter candle and the distribution of light in the dark church. The meaning of the biblical word for the christians was expressed in the three old testament readings as well as in a new testament one.
Finally, altar boys festively carried the open gospel book into the now completely illuminated church, so that the easter gospel of christ's resurrection could be read from it. The element of water was also a part of the service, as catholics renew their baptismal vows at easter. In his easter sermon, dean kilian kemmer addressed the trend of "self-determined living, dying and believing" a. The overemphasis on self-determination is, in his view, a consequence of the realization of "living a massively heteronomous life". Kemmer exposed the many dependencies that suck people into "a maelstrom of alienation".
In addition, he pays for people's dependence on money, food, drink, drugs, medication, sexual behavior, fashion, advertising, cell phones and digital addiction in social networks.
For the dean, the easter message shows that jesus was also concerned, in a very human way, with the rejection of heteronomy and self-determination, which, however, led to the question of one's own destiny. "What does god want and expect from me, what good can I do for others and myself based on my abilities??", had been the central questions of a jesus of nazareth. If freedom and reason are the necessary preconditions for self-determination, then belief in god is about voluntariness out of reasonable love.
"Compulsion and habit make you crazy", so kemmer. The resurrection of christ is god's confirmation of a self-determined, free, rational and loving life, says kilian kemmer. In kemmer's words, god's purpose for all people is to live for people and with people – in the world and after death. "This good news can not be beaten to death for 2000 years". The services on the first and second easter holidays offered an opportunity to trace these thoughts, especially when the church choir with the town band under the direction of florian mayer performed a festively jubilant easter mass on easter sunday.


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