Where will the civil service college go??

Even one day after the cabinet committee meeting in kronach, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein is still full of enthusiasm: "i am happy and happy." But this joy does not seem at all lame to the head of the city of kronach – on the contrary: beiergroblein is already having concrete thoughts about where, for example, the university of applied sciences for public administration and administration of justice could be located. "We are in contact with the property management in munich. We need the ausmabe and the quadratmeterzahl", the mayor emphasizes with a view to further plans.

He has no doubt that this school should be located in the district town: "I want it in kronach." Beiergroblein has already thought about the space needed for a new building and sees two possibilities, one of them in the area of froschbrunn. "There are free areas, but they do not belong to us." Therefore had to be led discussion about a purchase.

However, the head of the city favors a different option: "on the edge of the LGS site, there is a brownfield site near the kanzewitsch halls, most of which belongs to the city. They were well suited." First, however, the exact dimensions of the announced construction had to be found out. Georg kostner, responsible for economic management in the city of kronach, assumes a flat of about 10.000 square meters needed.

What is the position of the two major parties?? CSU district chairman jurgen baumgartner also sees the university of applied sciences in kronach. However, he brings in a completely new aspect with the state government's planned mabnahme package. "We now have a historic chance to correct a mistake that is more than 30 years old." In his opinion, it was not right at that time not to establish a secondary school in the north. Now he sees the possibility of "putting the entire school landscape in the district on trial" to provide.

Baumgartner's idea is to build a school center in the north of the district where all school-leaving qualifications up to and including the general university entrance qualification can be obtained. "We now really have the chance to do something rough", the district chairman is convinced. Of course, the whole process had to be preceded by a dialog process in which all parties involved are involved. "Let's all talk about it objectively", he promotes his proposal. As far as the entire planned package of measures is concerned, including the location of the demographic workshop and the vocational school for hotel and tourism management, it is important to baumgartner that the entire district will benefit from it. He mentions teuschnitz or the upper rodachtal as possible locations for this. First, however, a review process must be started, at the end of which a decision can be made.

"I never leave anything out", the mayor of kronach commented on baumgartner's proposal for a school center in the north of the city. All possibilities must be explored. "Everything else must be discussed." Nevertheless, beiergroblein does not fail to point out the grown structures in kronach. If a gymnasium and a realschule were to be eliminated in the county seat, he would probably have a hard time accepting it.

Distortions feared
"It is not easy to relocate entire schools. This could lead to considerable upheaval", believes SPD district chairman ralf pohl. As far as the locations of future facilities are concerned, according to pohl, you have to think carefully about where something goes. For him, too, there is a lot to be said for kronach with regard to the university of applied sciences for public administration. "We have to make the county seat strong, but not everything has to be in kronach. Problems exist in the north and east of the county. You have to take that into account. It is important that the county benefits in its entirety." In principle, it must be examined whether one can not use existing buildings, even if one is more flexible with a new building. In the discussion specifically about the location of the university of applied sciences for public administration, pohl feels that the questions of accessibility by public transport and also the accommodation possibilities must be answered in particular: "these are important points. We are challenged to create the appropriate framework conditions", stresses pohl.

District administrator oswald marr explains that locations have not yet been discussed at all. However, he makes it unmistakably clear: "that is for the state to decide." We now have to see what the ideas are in munich and to what extent we have to cooperate with other institutions. "The whole infrastructure plays a role", clarifies the district administrator. To poke around with smoke candles at the moment, he thinks is completely wrong. As far as the construction of a school center in the north district is concerned, this had to be well thought out and prepared in advance. Marr has doubts about the feasibility of the project and talks about the required number of schools. "We need a two-track class formation. Then the question arises as to how far the school district should go?" Marr believes that pressigers, for example, would complain if they had to go to school in the north instead of kronach in the future. "It's not as easy as you might think at first glance."


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