Young people in the district have already voted: green clearly in front

Young people in the coburg district are definitely interested in local politics. This is shown by the remarkable participation in the "U 18 election". 438 young people took part. Their votes, however, were not included in the results of the election on sunday.

In bavaria, this only came about with the completion of the 18th century. Age of majority is possible. The bavarian state parliament did not vote on the issue of "elections at 16" until july 2019 voted. SPD, bundnis 90/die grunen and the FDP had each submitted a draft law providing for active voting rights from the age of 16 – for local as well as state elections.

However, the draft laws were rejected with the votes of the free voters, the CSU and the afd. The free voters had spoken out in favor of voting rights from the age of 16 in municipal elections and had promised their own draft legislation. But for the upcoming municipal elections, the rule will definitely be: voting only from the age of 18. With this decision, bavaria now belongs to the minority in germany. Apart from the free state, hesse, rhineland-palatinate, saarland and saxony are still holding on to the 18+ voting right.

However, children and young people were allowed to cast their votes nine days before the actual election. Almost like regular elections – in polling stations with ballots, voting booths and ballot boxes.

"Young people know very well what makes their community worth living in and have ideas about how the district can position itself for the future", female susanne long, district youth worker, who organized the U18 election and the other actions in the district of coburg for the municipal election together with the working group "diecouchkommt" organized.

City and country similar

If it were up to the young people, the district council would be made up as follows: of 434 valid votes, 32 percent would go to the greens, 24 percent to the CSU,

16 percent to the SPD, 9 percent to the afd, 7 percent to the , 5 percent to the FDP, also 5 percent to the odp,

1 percent ULB, and also 1 percent to the left.

A similar picture had emerged from the U 18 election in the independent city of coburg. There, the greens came in at 31.15 percent, the CSU at 15.2, the SPD at 10.25 percent, the FDP at 5.33 percent.

The afd came off much worse with the young people in the city and reached 2.87 percent, the left came to 2.05 percent.

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